Frequently Asked Questions

Why the JAMIA is charging Lowest Fees in the Field of Education?

The Aim of the JAMIA is to provide Education at Lesser Cost for poor students.

Can anybody apply and register as admission counselors of the JAMIA?

Anybody who has experience in the field of taking admission to courses of Higher Education can apply for Affiliation as a Counselor to:

How Students are admitted to Lateral Entry Scheme of the JAMIA?

The JAMIA admits students to Final year / Semester or to any year / Semester on the basis of the records they produce to prove their previous qualifications through credit transfer and get readmission. Apply to

How the Previous Mark Sheets are considered?

The JAMIA is conducting the Examinations after the student has joined to our course, and for previous years / semesters, we conduct CREDIT TRANSFER to the records of the JAMIA and provide Mark Sheets accordingly.