Jamia Peer Mohammed

The great philosopher poet later known as Peer Mohammed Sahib born in Thenkasi and lived at Peermedu and finally ended his worldly life in Kanyakumari District, along with the two Princes of the Chera Dynasty. This great poet – cum – philosopher saint is having followers all over South India and the Khabar of Peer Mohammed Appa is a destination for pilgrims irrespective of caste or religion.

Jamia Peer Mohammed (The University of Peer Mohammed) is founded to immortalize the greatness of Saint Peer Mohammed to provide education for the needy all over the world. Anybody can join for a degree or diploma program of the Jamia Peer Mohammed if he or she has completed 18 years of age. This service is extended to all human beings irrespective of caste, creed, religion, language, race or nationality.

As students from all over the world cannot personally take part in direct educational programs, the Jamia has organized programs in Regular and Distance Education Mode studies and examinations are organized through electronic media and evaluation will be done for awarding certificates. The programs of the Jamia are offered not on profit criteria, but on service orientation.